A new type of CGI where real-time animation is being projected onto the moving model.

Like this surreal image:


Source: Omote “Living Makeup” Uses Mind-Blowing Projection Mapping

Nobumichi Asai is a Japanese artist who creates this real-time face tracking and projection installation, together with a team of CGI, graphic design and makeup specialists.

The project, called Omote ("face" or "surface" in Japanese), is a breakthrough in motion tracking and projection mapping since it projects the computer graphics onto moving location, the model's face in this case.

Some say this is kind of electronic makeup, which constantly changes while follwoing the person's movements. 

The video below shows the best its concept:

OMOTE / REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING. from something wonderful on Vimeo.

Amazing virtual makeup, don't you think?


Actually, Asai's work also includes 3D projections on buildings and at different events in Japan.

For example this one in Yokohama:

DOCKYARD 3D PROJECTION MAPPING / YOKOHAMA ODYSSEY from something wonderful on Vimeo.


And this one in Fukushima:

snowman's wish 3d projection mapping from something wonderful on Vimeo.


Or this 3D hologram dance:

3d hologram / prometeus × goriki ayame from something wonderful on Vimeo.


Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 14.26.58

Don't you feel the future is here?

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