If you have been to Japan, you must know: one of the best things in the local restaurants is the fact that you are offered the so-called oshibori – wet hand towels, hot in winter and cold in summer. They are enough expression of hospitality since they replace the wet wipes while being bigger, more functional and quite often aromatized.

But these oshibori we are going to show you are one level above, because they are folded in different shapes like chicks, rabbits and penguins. 


We are going to show you how to make several shapes with the oshibori and there is one surprising use of the oshibori art in the end, so make sure to check it out!

So here they are:


Source: おしぼりアートひよこIt is how to make a chicken and a duck with a steamed towel!(YouTube)



Source: おしぼりうさぎの作り方(YouTube)


Penguin (using a rubber band)

Source: Towel Art Penguin 簡単 おしぼりアート ペンギン(YouTube)


Elephant (only the head)

Source: Make an Elephant with Oshibori Origami(YouTube)


Dogeza (kneeling and prostrating on the ground as an element of Japanese manners)

Source: 短歌で覚えるおしぼり土下座.AVI(YouTube)


Totoro (from the famous animated film)

Source: おしぼりアート トトロ 簡単 作り方 Art Totoro towel(YouTube)



Source: タオルアート 椿(YouTube)


And now get ready for the most amazing part:

The oshibori doll!

Source: おしぼり人形Ⅱ 花(YouTube)


Source: おしぼり人形、ネットで評判 北九州の会社会長の名人芸(YouTube)