The traditional craft of making Hakone parquet has started from the late Edo period and is said to take at least 10 years to learn.

This type of box called “zuku-hari” is created by the hands of Noboru Honma, who started training in the tradition of parquetry since he was 16 years old.

Enormous amount of time and effort are put to make these delicate patterns, which will take your breath away with their beauty.

The parquet is made of various types of wood.

yz1One can feel the experience of craftsmanship in every detail.

yz2Many tools are necessary to assemble the wood.

yz3Different shades of wood create various patterns.

yz4Fine and delicate shapes are formed to please the eye.

yz5The “zuku” flake, peeled from the board is just 0.15 mm.

yz6Several sheets of “zuku”.

yz7To make people’s life more colorful and beautiful.

yz8Source: 寄木細工職人、本間 昇さんとヅクを作る。