This is the biomimetic robot “Cheetah” developed at MIT since 2009.

It first starts to walk slowly, but soon increases speed and starts running like real cheetah.

And as a result from the most recent algorithms the robot is capable of running independently. 

The reasons behind its dynamics are the high-torque density electric motor and the specially designed feet.

Such inspiring research work will definitely leave you anticipating the future.

Source: MIT Robotic Cheetah

In the beginning it walks like a newborn.

Source: MIT cheetah Vertical Jump

Then it walks slowly step by step.

Source: MIT cheetah robot walking 1.5m/s (specific resistance =1)

Then starts to walk faster.

Source: MIT Cheetah's first run

And then reaches the speed off 22 km/h!

Source: MIT Cheetah runs at 22 km/h, Gait transition from trot to gallop