Japanese people in the areas of Niigata and Nagano have started a very time-consuming production of special type of cat cradle or cat basket called neko chigura.

(FYI, “neko” in Japanese means “cat”). 

Cats love it and often sabotage the making:


But the owners are devoted to their pets and find many ways to continue working to please the furry balls.

Here are series of making videos by the YouTube user Ritomamu:





Source: りーとまむ


Since the production process takes a lot of time, one can order the basket and wait up to 12 months.


It is a great gift, which deserves the waiting! Check it for yourself:

Source: 関川村特産の猫ちぐら、手作りの温もり人気集める(YouTube 新潟日報チャンネル) and 「猫つぐら本舗」販売、ねこつぐら名人、宮川誠一さん

Just purrfect!