You won’t believe this!

Mr. Kenichi Okada created this model of Hyaku Shiki (codename Delta Gundam), weighting 40 kg and tall 2 meters. And he made it from wood!

Hyaku Shiki is a prototype mobile suit, piloted by Quattro Bajeena (Char Aznable).


According to the interview, he made the model by drawing the parts on paper and connecting them with wood filler to fill in the gaps.

What is amazing is how the model does not give the impression of wood.

That is because he painted it about 5 times until completely covering the wood and then spray-painted on top for that shiny finishing touch.

The few parts are connected with adhesive and can be easily removed and attached again.

He says his next endeavor will be Unicorn Gundam or Macross. Well, looking forward to that!


The model is easy to assemble:



This is his previous work, Z Gundam.

It seems Mr. Okada made it for his grandkids, who didn't show much interest in the model though… Pity!



Source: Zガンダム百式の大型木製模型を制作(YouTube)