Calling all Evangelion fans!

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In celebration of 20 years since the first time the anime was aired, a crowd-funding project was created to raise… the Spear of Longinus to the moon!

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The project aims at planting the spear on the moon’s surface, just like in the famous scene from the anime. 

エヴァンゲリオン20周年公式企画「ロンギヌスの槍を月に刺す」プロジェクト from READYFORInc on Vimeo.


According to the creators, 100 million yen are necessary for realizing the project and commentators already note that the Evangelion fans are not only in Japan…

There are voices against the project too. What do you think? Would you like this to happen? Let us know!


Source: エヴァンゲリオン20周年公式企画「ロンギヌスの槍を月に刺す」プロジェクト