We've collected 10 making videos of 3D street art paintings, especially selected for the summer to make you cool down just by watching them. 

They are all showing the making process, so you can enjoy the whole production from the beginning to the end.


1. A huge glacier's crevasse on the ground?!

Source: The Crevasse – Making of 3D Street Art(YouTube)


2. A big cliff appears on the ground?!

Source: making of 3D Street Art in Samtredia, Georgia(YouTube)


3. The biggest one in the world (by that time)

Source: Reebok CrossFit: Guinness World Record for Largest 3D Street Art(YouTube)


4. A huge pool appears!

Source: 3D street art swimming pool(YouTube)


5. The scale of this one is too big!

Source: The Making Of Edgar Mueller's 3D Street Painting 'WHERE DO I GO'(YouTube)


6. A special piece from Moscow

Source: 3D Strassenmalerei in Moskau(YouTube)


7. For product promotion too

Source: Speedo 3Dアートメイキング in 南アフリカ(YouTube)


8. And for a film promotion in South Africa

Source: Life of Pi 3D Chalk Art at LA Live(YouTube)


9. This one is also cool, in a different way

Source: 3D Street Painting by Tracy Lee Stum – 'Escape of the Mummy'(YouTube)


10. And this one is a bit different, but…

Source: プールイリュージョン Amazing Swimming Pool Illusion!(YouTube)


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