The Japanese sword and the popular worldwide Western swords.

They are all swords but can you imagine what great difference they have?

The Western sword is popular with the ability to chop things; so even if the blade is dulled, it is still possible to use it against many enemies. On the other hand, the Japanese sword is made to rip up through things and therefore can be only used against small number of enemies. The Japanese sword is famed for its sharpness but this requires technology for high metal processing.

As they have different purpose you can check the both making processes in the videos.

From the beginning till the end, the swords making is so different… and that exactly makes it so interesting!

The making of a Japanese sword

Source: Japan's most famous Katana forging artisan Kobayashi filmed by ADEYTO(YouTube)


The Making of a Western sword

Source: "Liquid Fire" to Metal Sword in minutes! – A History of Ancient Britain – Ep4 -(YouTube)


So which one do you like?