If only there can be your own private roller coaster in the backyard…
I want to make roller coaster for my kids…

It turns out there are many people around the world who have really done this.

Small kid rides a roller coaster with nearly 4 meter fall down and loops to the extent one might get really worried about the safety of this technology.

Looking at it can make you really nervous but… the kid looks like having fun!


Push the cart with a pole…



Take it up to the hill…



Here it's already about 4 meters high. Impossible to do if the kid doesn't trust the dad.



Look at the kid's face – really enjoying it!



Actually it's quite fast – check it in the video!

Source: back yard pvc roller coaster with a 12 ft drop(YouTube)


There are many others too.

One full circuit roller coaster


Using trial and error one creates as big as 40 meter roller coaster


A pro maybe?


Really mastered handmade roller coaster


And a safe-looking one to enjoy.