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These Tibetan monks are starting to create something special, time-consuming and charged with deep meaning…

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That's how it looks when alsmost finished, after 6 days.

Do you know what this is?

This is the so-called sand mandala – tiny grains of colorful sand get placed to form a beautiful shape.

The precise process of placing the sand with special tools and the monks' devoted detailed work show that this is not so much art but more of a meditation.

What is even more surprising is what happens at the end…

The idea about the impermanence of all things requires to scoop up the sand and return the sand in its initial state. Then it is placed it in a body of water to release its energy…

Art of true beauty and wisdom.

Here is another one:

So vivid and mesmerizing…

And one more mandala, made for peace:

Creating these sand mandalas requires a lot of concentration but they do bring a lot of peace of mind and reflection about the life's cycle.

What do you think about the sand mandala?

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Source: Time Lapse Making of a Mandala: The Crow Collection of Asian Art, ‪Kalachakra Mandala in 2D view, Sand Mandala Creation at the University of Notre Dame