We are back with a really inspiring art! 

A video about Japanese dragon one stroke painting recently became viral over different media.

Here’s a snapshot from it:

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.43.00

It is indeed really awesome way to draw a white traditional 一筆龍 (ippitsuryuu) or one stroke dragon, as one can translate it.

This is because in the mentioned technique the artist finishes the body of the dragon, including details like the two-color underbelly and the scales, just by one long stroke of the brush.

Here we are showing another video of the same Japanese artist. This time the dragon is in full color:

Source: 日光市 「晄秋家」の一筆龍

We thought it is interesting how he mixes the colors and uses the excess to create new forms.

His moves are correct, measured and concentrated, and still so fast and full with ease. The order of the painting is also interesting: starting with the head, the body, the text, and finally the details.

Actually, you can check the artist's website here.

Don't you want to get one done for you, with specially chosen text? 

We definitely feel like going to Nikko (Tochigi, Japan) after these videos, to see with our own eyes the one stroke dragon paintings.