To continue with our previous post’s unusualness, this time we introduce you the innovative way this mom discovered to inspire her daughter to draw.

You might have seen already this… but if not, make sure to check this collaboration of a daugther's doodles and their transformation in paitings by the mom:

RuthOosterman2an owl…


RuthOosterman1a lady…


RuthOosterman3and a tree.

Source: Artist Transforms 2-Year-Old Daughter's Sketches Into Detailed Paintings

And here's a video from the mom's YouTube channel:

Source: The Queen – A Collaboration with my Toddler inspired by Elsa


With this Ruth Oosterman and her daughter Eve create a new type of collaborative art… and of course create a stronger bond between themselves! What kind of art is going to create Eve when she grows up? We are looking forward to it!

Meanwhile, here's what an awesome dad did for his children.

And just for the sake of continuing the “Do something awesome and special for someone you love” series, here's what a cat owner built for his cat.

Do you have a special close one, a family member to make happy, a friend or a pet to pleasantly surprise? Do something exceptional and creative for them. And don't forget to share with as at!