The artist Roberto Rizzo specializes in rock painting – the usual material for his works are different round-shaped stones.

In the video below he draws a butterfly, which looks so realistic as if it's going to fly away any moment:

Source: How to paint a butterfly on a sea rock | Speed painting video tutorial


Actually this kind of art is popular among other artists too.

Check this beautiful mandala drawing:

Source: Mandala Painted Pebble by MagaMerlina – Mandala Painted Stones.

And the cute ladybug tutorial here:

Source: Tutorial Coccinelle Portafortuna dipinte su sassi – Rock Painting tutorial

Turns out stones can be even likened to shoes:

Source: 16/10/2013 – Pintura Pedra – Tênis – Maurício Moraes

If you have the muses, any tool or surface can do.

Like this artist and his brush… toothbrush.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, don't you think? Share your thoughts and art with us!