Have you heard of kinetic drawing?

Heather Hansen calls her kinetic drawing “Emptied gestures”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 17.30.38

In this drawing technique the artist uses his whole body to rhythmically create beautiful shapes.

Here is a video showing how Heather realizes her artistic ideas:

Source: Heather Hansen — Emptied Gestures


Another artist uses the same technique:

Source: 1 circle proto

It is really mesmerizing how he continuously repeats the same movements to create perfectly balanced circles.

In the above video he was lying on the canvas, here he is on his knees:

Source: Penwald: 8: 12 by 12 on knees

And here he demonstrates “unison symmetry” while standing:

Source: Penwald: 4: unison symmetry standing (Flux/S at Strijp-S, Eindhoven, NL) 2010


There is even a joint event where three artists show their techniques in kinetic drawing:

Source: Kinetic Drawing at Galeri PETRONAS

Seems pretty achievable performance if there’s enough space and nice music to accompany the drawing process.

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