You might know pyrography – the art of decorating ornaments or depicting objects on wood by burning it with special heated tool.

But there is another form of burning the canvas to create images – the so-called heliography or solar pyrography. It uses magnifying glass and the power of the sun to engrave into the material, and so represents a new form of art.


Source: Painting With The Sun: Solar Pyrography Drawings By Jordan Mang-osan

If you wonder how this is possible or how long does it take to create a piece like this, check this artist showing the making of one solar pyrography:

Source: Solar Pyrography – "Art Blakey"

And this artist too:

Source: Heliography: Using the Sun to make Art

And someone who claims he invented the heliography:

Source: Heliography

Now take a look again at the picture above, made by a Philippine artist who recently became popular in the social channels.

Do you see a face..?

Let us know!